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Het Grote Depri Doe Boek

'Hey Are You Okay' - English version

'Hey Are You Okay' - English version

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Inclusief btw. Gratis verzending in Nederland en Belgie.


I am so excited to present 'Hey Are You Okay': the english version of the dutch bestseller (9th print run )  'Het Grote Depri Doe Boek'.

This book - which I hand-drew for myself, has already helped over 30.000 people in the Netherlands and Belgium tfind hope in their depression, anxiety or burn-out. Now it will be able to help people with hope, love, and a step-by-step guide all over the world. Which is pretty special to us personally as well, as we used to live in Australia when my personal journey started. 

We ship worldwide, anywhere (although the furthest places do have some extra shipment unfortunately. Working on it :)

More pictures, videos and a better website will follow. But here is already more about the book in a nutshell:

  • Let me help you to travel from crisis back to calm
  • I will share all of the tips, tricks and  that REALLY helped me, and can now help you too (whether your pit is called burnout, depression or anxiety)
  • Don't worry: it's all short handwritten texts and drawings - because I couldn't even read anymore back then (with a head full of thoughts).
  • You are not alone, and I will tell you that (very) often. You are normal no matter what you think or feel. And you will be okay again. And for those who can't believe that themselves yet, I am your biggest supporter in this book.
  • This is not my book, but will be yours: with plenty of space for your journey and your own notes
  • With it's soft cover, it can lie comfortably on your bedside table (soft touch, durable FSC paper, 228 pages, 22.5 cm by 22.5 cm)
  • The most beautiful gift you can give to anyone that is not feeling well lately.
  • Most notably, the book is often recommended by psychologists. It can be easily combined with existing therapy or coaching (recommended by, among others, Psychologie Magazine, Stichting MIND Korrelatie, Association for High-sensitivity, Psychologist Saskia Geraerts and many others), and many people even take it with them to their coach and work together in it. There are also psychologists who sell the book.

If you are still in doubt, be sure to read the reviews, DMs and private messages below that I receive from thousands of dear readers who have preceded you. Because you are REALLY not alone sweetheart.

”dear Marieke, thank you thank you thank you for making this book. You really have been my superhero in my recovery. Every time I read things and said to my friend, huh?! Marieke has had this too! While I thought I was alone. I feel so much better now and the book was my best friend on this trip. I am very grateful to you ❤️“

"The book is now on the table in front of me and I am so very happy with it. Tomorrow I will also buy it for two dear friends. This is the most fantastic book: so sweet and above all so terribly comforting (heart)"

"This colorful book is highly recommended if you want to feel happier and more optimistic. And that starts with the cover. I already work with it with a number of clients in my practice. I'm a fan!" Psychologist Saskia Geraerts in Dutch media 

"Three reasons to read this book: You will how to get out your tough times, burnout or depression, in a playful way - get tips for a better feeling - and learn to listen to your heart and your body" Burnout Expert, writer and Psychologist Carien Karsten in Psychology Magazine

(more reviews to be uploaded, I have hundreds but they are still in dutch :)

Lots of love for the darker days!


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